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These are the three pillars of Trust Three
* Trust Three is a registered trademark of Sisspre S.r.l.
The Trust Three system was designed by SISSPre to enable producers in the olive and other agrifood supply chains to conduct automated electronic field-to-table traceing of their products and production processes.

The first step in the supply chain is harvest. This step is the weak point in the supply chain as far as traceability is concerned, because it is not considered and there are no systems in place to perform traceability in the field.

The Trust Three system starts right here.

At the harvest level, we have devised a smart scale (Smart Scale) for field use that allows the net weight, location, date and time of harvest to be recorded and sent to the cloud.
Ensuring date and time of collection provides the missing piece for traceability.

An additional advantage for the farm is to be able to divide the harvest by harvest dates and locations and be able to view them on a Google Earth map or through customizable plots.

Watch the video of our case study at the Olio Roi (IM) company where we used our Smart Scale to harvest Olio Roi's CRU Gaaci oil.

it is important to know what we eat.
Giving a precise Identity to the product is crucial.
Information is our first prevention.
Through product knowledge we can confidently choose and evaluate.
Technology is our ally.
INNOVATION allows us to head TOWARDS a TRACEABLE and environmentally sustainable AGRICULTURE 4.0.